12V LED Rechargeable Camp light with power bank

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This magnificent all-in-one camp/work light is a great addition to keep with you at all times. Its light, power bank features and arrangement of hooks and magnets make this the most versatile light around.  
This incredible light even allows your phone to be charged with the built-in 3 AA rechargeable batteries, this is a light with the lot and a must have addition to keep in the car, camper or around the home.

1 x rechargeable multi-function LED light
1x USB multi-function cable

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Red & black design
1x 7w COB LED strip
1x 3w LED spotlight
50-100m light distance
ABS shock resistant housing
3 built-in rechargeable AA batteries
360-degree swivel hook
180-degree swivel double magnetic base
Single magnetic back
Anti-slip side grips

Additional information

Weight 0.235 kg
Dimensions 215 × 55 × 50 mm


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