About Us

We at BEAR OFFROAD have been enjoying the great outdoors in Australia ever since we were knee high to grass hoppers. I remember when I was little my parent would take me camping, bushwalking, canoeing and abseiling, I had a ball and back then fell in love with the great out doors.

Now much older, we enjoy travelling to out of the way areas by taking the off road track. We have been to some amazing places around Australia including Cape York, the Simpson Desert, the Kimberley’s, the red centre, Tasmania just to name a very few.

We travel off road in 4WD’s and have camped using tents and swags and more recently camper trailers and caravans which gives us a great broad knowledge of the products required when travlling.

We have been associated with Bushwalking and 4WD clubs to further enhance our experience which is a great way to meet like minded people and experience the different way people enjoy their off road adventures.

We also enjoy fishing which gives us another reason to go off road and enjoy the great out-doors of Australia.

We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do, and that they keep you enjoying Australia OFF ROAD…

​Best Regards,
The Bear Offroad Team